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Web and UI Design

Hey Eldy is tailored to empower older generations with modern technology. This initiative is dedicated to providing a user-friendly platform filled with educational courses, tutorials, and resources, all designed to facilitate a seamless transition into the digital age for seniors. The ultimate goal of this project was to help older adults learn, apply knowledge, and become independent.

Hey Eldy

Introducing Magnolia Marketplace, a revolutionary app designed to uplift and celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit of the Black community. This dynamic marketplace serves as a vibrant hub where Black-owned businesses and entrepreneurs can flourish and connect with a global audience.

Magnolia Marketplace

Designed a website for this early startup that showcases their portfolio, services, and the ability to book potential clients.

Kreate Productions

A web design project for DJ T-Fresh, a Houston-based DJ, aimed at creating a dynamic online platform that embodies the essence of T-Fresh. The redesign showcases his YouTube channel, social media presence, and mixtape creations while offering seamless event booking and contact options.

DJ T-Fresh

Experience the fusion of art, anime, and the extraordinary at the Yams-Sama Shop. It's a celebration of creativity, a homage to the cool, and an invitation to embark on a journey through a world where art knows no bounds.

Yams-Sama Shop


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